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Driver Registration and Attendee Tickets are now open for D.E.M.O I @ Bristol Motor Speedway!

A Demolition Derby Organization.

"Built by the Drivers, for the Drivers"



Demo Entertainment Motorsports Organization

At the core of DEMO (Demolition Entertainment Motorsports Organization) lies a groundbreaking vision: to redefine demolition derby as a premier organization within the professional motorsports world. DEMO is a committed organization that celebrates the grit, strategy, and exhilaration of demolition derby on a scale never seen before.

Elevating the sport

Our mission is crystal clear – to elevate demolition derby from its grassroots origins to the pinnacle of professional motorsports. DEMO is not just about organizing events; it's about creating a sustainable, thrilling, and respected sports organization that attracts enthusiasts, competitors, and sponsors from across the globe. By investing in quality, safety, and a competitive structure, we're setting the stage for demolition derby competitors to gain the recognition they deserve.

Join us as we embark on this journey, transforming the raw energy and passion of demolition derby into a recognized professional sport. D.E.M.O is where the past and future collide, creating a new legacy for motorsport heroes. This is more than a league; it's a movement to thrust demolition derby into the professional motorsports arena, where it rightfully belongs.

A New Chapter

Demolition derby drivers walking on race track

Whether you're a driver, a fan, or a sponsor, there's a place for you in the D.E.M.O organization. Together, we're not just changing the game; we're setting a new standard for what demolition derby can be. Welcome to D.E.M.O – where legends are made, and the spirit of demolition derby soars to new heights.

Be Part of the Legacy

drone shot of bristol motor speedway



Are you ready for the most thrilling car battles? Picture cars with 600 horsepower smashing into each other at over 20 mph, causing fires, smoke, and mangled metal. Imagine hearing the loud engines, screeching tires, and big crashes. Think about the smell of racing fuel and burnt rubber. This is what Demolition Derby is all about.


D.E.M.O. brings you the top action in this car-smashing competition. Get ready for an exciting ride!

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